13 Gennaio 2014
16.00 pm

novitàNOTE MUSICALI: Alcuni appunti sulla riscoperta del canto gregoriano

novitàSORVOLANDO BARLETTA: Inserita la scheda su: Chiesa e Convento del Monte di Pietà.

novitàCONCERTI & RASSEGNE: Inserite le date dei prossimi concerti.

Partecipazione del Coro a Trasmissione di TV2000! - Note al video! - VIDEO DELLA PUNTATA - Vedi comunicato allegato

O ur choir is made up of both music amateurs and professional musicians, united by a common passion: singing. Our repertoire is quite wide: religious and non-religious chants, medieval music as well as modern and contemporary. We have already participated to several national contests and collected various project, which helped us enhance our artistic aspirations. If you share our enthusiasm, if you are into music and singing, come find out our world, contact us and take part to our events. If you want to enhance your musical abilities, intonation, musical knowledge and the potentiality of your voice, you can do it with our Association. Subscriptions to “Il Gabbiano” are open to every body and no formal musical knowledge is required. For further information ring +39 347 9713009 Monday to Saturday or send an email to