la corale

F ounded by his present choirmaster in 1983 within the omonym association the polyphonic choir “Il Gabbiano” is composed of variously aged elements with several musical attitudes. The repertory ranges from the Gregorian singing to modern compositions. The choir has executed numerous concerts and solemn cerimonies within the city of Barletta, Apulia’s region and the italian country, also participating to national competition for choirs always getting large consents of critics and audience. Also the didactic, laboratory and seminar activities are worth being mentioned, which far from being less important than the concert ones, enriches the formative offer of the association. Frequent are the cooperations with other associations too, symphonic and dancing companies, thus integrating different and complementary artistic experiences which allow to produce spectacular events of high level. To be mentioned is the participation to the show “La variante di Lüneburg” which the songstress Milva and the actor Walter Mramor. In the section “Concerts and Reviews” you can find the list of the most recent concerts executed.


(*) The association also organized, on requests and periodically individual or group lessons of:

  • Modern and classical music singing;
  • Gregorian singing;
  • Solfeggio and musical theory;
  • Piano lessons;
  • Complementary armony;
  • Music history;
  • Popular music lessons (pizzica, tammuriata, tarantella del Gargano) and lessons about the tambourine use for the rhythmic accompaneiment of the “pizzica” with specialised personnel.